Our Flip Top Sublimation Lighter Blanks feature a glossy white finish, making them perfect for sublimating high-resolution designs. Each Lighter comes with a tin box which can also be sublimated on. 




  • **Green heat conductive rubber pad required (sold separately)
  • **These will not work with just a flat press alone
  • ** Please note light rust is normal to appear inside the lighters
    you can use a  a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean prior
    to shipping to your customers
  • Heat your press to 400° Fahrenheit
  • Tape your image to the sides of the lighter to prevent tape marks showing when pressing 2 sides
  • Place lighter face up with printed image
  • Add green rubber pad over print then teflon sheet
  • Press for 2 minutes
  • Remove from press, wait for item to cool and repeat the process for the other side
  • **Time and temperatures may vary depending on your heat press


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Customer Reviews

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Super easy to sublimate pictures come out bright!

Mike Snow
These are really cool.

With shrink wrap and an oven, could probably do all 6 sides. Head press (minus the green heat pad) can do two of the sides and they come out really really nice. 400 degrees and 120 seconds and they come out perfect. (and extra kudo's to major sublimation for fixing my stupid mistake when I ordered)

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