Our all new double Sided Sublimation Business Card blanks offer vibrant colors and deep blacks, with 0.75mm thickness for durability. Perfect for making a long-lasting impression that matters.


  • Double Sided
  • 0.75mm Thick 
  • Glossy finish with protective film
  • 3.5" x 2"
  • Download template


  • Heat your press to 390° F
  • Peel film on both sides of the business card
  • Tape one side of the business card to your printout
  • Use a sheet of paper on the bottom of your press
  • Place business card on top of paper
  • Cover business card with teflon sheet
  • Press face down for 40 sec. 
  • Wait for product to cool and repeat the process on the other side


Qty available:59

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